Friday, February 11, 2005

exactly where am i going to???

Ok, so I’m back home. Went to the library. I like it there. I like to be around all those books. Its nice that a little bit of so many places in the world are collected there. So I’m in Taunton south west england. I went to buy a loaf of bread for my aunt today and the lady asked me why I like that particular type of bread, so I said that I was just buying it for my aunt. So she asks if I live here and do I usually go with my aunt, so I said no, I just got here from italy, so she goes …wow, italy…which is always the reaction,….its not at all wow, at least it wasn’t for me. Anyway, so she asks what im doing there and I say I was studying there, but I don’t really like it so im moving to finland. That’s when I stopped and thought. I was born in kenya, moved to italy without knowing too much about it, started uni, figured it wasn’t for me and I was wasting myself with that idea, I am now applying to finland and im in england for a few months till I go to finland. That’s amazing in a strange kind of way. I’m only 20, but I think iv seen quite a bit of life, I may not always think its easy…god knows its not, but I guess I learn in the end, plus I will have amazing stories to tell my grandkids. From marriage proposals for citizenship….that taught me sometimes doing the right thing in this case saying no means sacrifice. To having weird old men at train stations wanting to pay me 100euros to take my picture with them…..sick!!!! To carrying my music system all over europe and italy with all my bags because I cannot and will not survive without my music….to taking a friend to have his collar bone pierced…on both sides…it looks kinda cool actually…!So that’s me. Me who laughs till she cries, dances by herself in her room, has more hair on her head on one side, loves her boyfriend to death. Me who basically is just trying to live!….and I will!


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ok my other comments are takin forever to be posted,l hope u get them.tht picture story is very dubious by the way

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