Sunday, February 13, 2005


So its valentines on Monday. I’m all the way here and my better half is all the way, oh like 8 hours away from me. So its not going to be an amazing valentines for me. Then again, with him, its gotten to a level in our relationship that we don’t really need valentines to show how much we love each other, at least I don’t. I feel it every day in everything that I do. Its amazing to have someone there, someone you can talk to, someone to just ramble on when you’re in a strop. He’s my best friend. I tell him everything from…”I need to pee” to my deepest darkest fears about what ahead of me. Its all the little things. When he says hi to all his friends starting with “hey, how are you doing, this is my girlfriend”. In a weird sort of way, it makes me have a little pride glow as I like to call it. I was just watching some thing on telly bout peter andre…remember….oh oh oh mysterious girl….yeah you know who I mean. And I thought he was your average dumb pop star, but he says some things that actually make sense. He said its bollocks that love is happiness, it’s a nice thing yes, but it hurts a lot too. It’s a mixture of trust, friendship, and all those other things. It’s a complicated simple fact. I like that, coz that’s exactly what it is. So even though im not with the love of my life, as corny as it sounds, im with him by heart. And I am truly grateful that he’s always there for me….even though he’s scared of snakes!!!


Blogger kanja said...

hi there.
Happy vals,l woke up in a rush today so l forgot my phone so havnt yet talked to u n all,am on my way home to do tht now anyway.U like the oddest things!thts a good thing tho coz its easy to keep u smiling

9:22 AM  
Blogger billiadaire said...

wow!!! how are u doing it?????coz it can be really hard to have a lover back in kenya yet u continually getr pressure from jamaz abroad......i mean when u are with your girls and they are together with their jamaz u just cant help feeeling lonely ama?????
was just wondering coz i have a babe back in kenya and i've remained 100% faithfull to her

11:45 AM  

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