Monday, February 14, 2005


so the one thing i miss about italy is the transport system. everything worked. but you dont know what you've got till its gone. here, at least where i live, the bus comes once every hour. to be exact, its supposed to leave my stop at 20 past the hour. well that just doesnt happen does it!?!! if i get there 5 mins before its supposed to leave, the bus is already gone, if i get there 10 minutes before, its ten minutes late, so i spend most of my time here waiting for the bus. and i hate it. in italy, the buses came every 4, 7 minutes or whatever, so you didnt really have to think about the bus. just get out when you're ready and you know there will be a bus in the next few minutes. Unlike here, anyone with a baby pram or in a wheelchair would be just fine coz they make sure you can get on the bus, that there is space for your pram or wheelchair and for wheelchairs, there's a ramp that comes down so they can get on and off the bus. Here, if you're in a wheelchair, forget public transport, if you have a baby, prepare to dismantle your pram, carry that, your baby, your baby bag, your handbag all together up the small steps of the bus to pay for your ticket before you can get in....i mean its ridiculous!!! But as slow and ineffecient the buses might be, at least the drivers are really nice, they say goodmorning, help you if you look a bit lost, just generally nice people whereas in italy, they couldnt care less if you're coming or going. Ask them for help when you're lost and you wish you never had. So to the buses here, ....are you joking...?!?!! Happy valentines by the way....


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