Monday, November 14, 2005

I went to school with richie....great rugby player. You may not know him, but if you can, please help. I'm putting this out on as many forums as i can!

Dear Ex-Saint Marys,

RE: Sincere appeal from Richie Jennings

Richie Jennings is an ex-saints student. He completed his Form 4 in 2002. During his 4years in Saint Marys he played rugby for the school as a member of the team. During his final year at Saint Marys Richie incurred a back injury while playing rugby. This problem was treated but managed to put an end to his rugby career to this day. Unfortunately, that was not all that Richie would suffer in the years to come. His back injury has worsened. He now suffers from 2 of what in lay man’s terms we call a “disk slip”. This injury without treatment via surgery is degenerative. He now has partial paralysis on his left leg and no feeling at all in his left big toe. Richie is on the road to full paralysis of both his legs. The surgery will be done in Nairobi hospital by Mr. David L. Olouch- Olunya (MB. Ch B. FRCSEd FRCS (SN) ) a Neurosurgeon. Find below the Doctor’s report. The entire surgery comes to Ksh 300,000 which Richie’s family cannot raise on their own. Richie needs our help. There will be a Harambee dinner on 26th November 2005 at the Nairobi Harlequins Grounds. A card costs Ksh 2000 only and the dinner begins at 7pm. Please be Richie’s spine and attend the dinner in large numbers. This is the true Saints Spirit. For those who can’t attend the dinner, as we fully understand that the Saints diaspora is far & wide, we appeal for your contribution of any amount.

These can be sent to:
Richie Jennings,
Kenyatta Avenue,
Account number: 260 000 7422
Your prayers, contributions and any other forms of support will be greatly appreciated. Moreover, the Good Lord will shower you with endless blessings.

Please forward this email to as many Ex- Saints and well wishers as you can.
For any enquires please contact:
Wambui J Waithaka ( Bobo ) Email –
Mobile - +254722614278

Richie’s Mum: Hellen Cardovillus
Email –
Mobile - +254722703141
Thank You and May God Bless you.


Anonymous acolyte said...

Hi!Sad to hear about that, I will try and get hold of all my saints classmates of way back when and see what we can do.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Poi said...

Mos def will try do something. Will halla at my twin-bro must have bn in the same year as Richie as he too was a rudge playa

Thanks for sharing this and too much blessings to you for your bigness in heart and kindness

Happy week and God bless :)

5:03 AM  

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