Monday, November 21, 2005

the prodigal house mate

My weekend! It snowed. It was cold. So what else do I do other than stay in with my collection of vanilla tea, my tv which I proudly bought for ....yes ladies and gentlemen....5 euros!!!! hihi!! I bought it from a second hand shop. Yes it is in colour and it has a remote!!! I think 5 is my new lucky number!

Anyway, where was I? oh yeah, my weekend. So i stayed in, watched tv, basically just bumbed the whole weekend. Then on saturday night, I had the bright idea of having a bath. I live in the student apartments and we just have showers, dont know why they think students don't have time to take baths....who would put an idea like that into their heads? Anyway, my friend moved from finland and we were left his kids swimming pool that we use as a tub. Its a round thing, it doesnt need inflating, it keeps shape when its filled with water and it just fits in our bathroom snuggly! So I filled it up, got my candles burning, my music, my was a great hot soak!! Just lying there in the hot water, knowing its snowing and freezing cold outside and some poor soul is walking around out there!! Bliss!!!

....yeah right not for long!!! So now after all this bliss, i have to empty the tub dont i? There's no plug or anything, you just have to kinda spill out the water, yeah sounds easy doesnt it! Till you find out that you tipped it so the water runs out, but the blasted thing is covering the you know what happens, ...floods!! Yes, i flooded my house and spent the next half and hour mopping up everything. It was then that i realised there is indeed a space between the bathroom door and floor!! So after all the mopping and being hot and bothered, oh my, i had to have a shower again. Hm...i cursed the whole half hour by myself saying how i shall NEVER...EVER...have a bath again...its too much!

Apart from that, we have the case of the missing house mate. I live with two other girls. We get on really well, but the last few weeks, there has been some....uhm...tension if thats what it can be called. anyway, so one of them went off to oulu...another city and then it was just two of us. So saturday morning i get up to pee in the wee hours of the morning...(9a.m) and find my other house mate, lets call her B, coming out of the shower, so i go..."wow, you're up early"...and she goes, "yeah i couldnt sleep" I'm like, oh ok, so i peed and stumbled back into my nice warm bed to watch mtv while i dose! I then hear her leave..."oh" i think to myself, "she cant have gone to far, she didnt say anything"!....yeah right. The next time I saw the prodigal housemate named B was on sunday at 11pm!! And all she does is walk in, say hi as if she was just outside, and go into her room.

It's not like we are just housemates, we're friends. We share stuff....well at least i thought we did, we have fun together, these are people i consider to be like my sisters. Don't know if its just me, but its just common courtesy to tell the people you live with that you'll be away for the night, how am I to know you are ok and not in some morgue or something. Anyway, thats my rant for the weekend. It felt awful and really inconsiderate of her to pull something like that. But hey, whatever I guess. You live you learn


Blogger nick said...

#1 do a little dance..its on tonight

-Pole about the bath moment.i can see u all dishivelled in towel sweating and mopping hee hee u were mopping away was the incense still burning and the candles and barry manilow sdtk. ha ha ha
- i wish my roomate could disappear for ever!

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Nick, you dont have a roomie outside the asylum said...

Pole sana Ms Kipepeo - but i have to say the minute you said about emptying the 'bath', I knew what was coming next. Sounds like a bath we had when I was a kid.

Its still freezing here, last nite it was minus 4 degrees and dropping - oh how I miss summer with its boiling temperatures and stuff. I spent the weekend cooped up indoors too, couldnt hack going out into the ice-age like temps..

Have a good week gal, stay warm and avoid wayward roommates :)

3:41 PM  
Blogger mutumia said...

Pole about the bath and the roomie--- just look at it this way, sometimes people are inconsiderate- not cause they don't appreaciate yr concern, but becasue they are mucho caught up in the momemnt and forget that others might be worried about them-- I wish I had a roomie like you...

7:37 PM  
Blogger spicebear said...

had me one of the roommates and i just learnt to let her be - sometimes people just need to clear their heads. and as for the shower woiye pole. someone i know once put those takeout boxes they put in the microwave in the middle of the night. nothing strange there, but she had forgotten in her sleepiness that there was foil inside ... full pandemonium as the smoke alarm went off and smoke was everywhere and as for the microwave ... menn, lets just say its a goner.

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Lord Acolyte said...

I find that things work best when you arent that tight with your roomies so there is still that respectful distance.But that's us as jamaas I know that u chics have to be pals to live together.Sorry that your roomie went for a bootyc all without tellin ya.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Prousette said...

pole for the cold weather I send you virtual sunsine to keep you little warmer. As for your roomie if she is not normally a jack in the box like that am sure she has a good reason for it and in time things will be back to normal.

12:40 PM  
Blogger ┬žanaa said...


The Bath-tub thingy just cracked me up oh my talk about an extended imagination.

About the roomate issue, honestly i don't think she did anything outside the norm, or wrong. Most roomies don't even entertain small talk (icluding me) Before i moved here small talk and all was alrite. Lakini as i stayed here a little longer i realised the best thing you can do for someone is to give them their space.

Most roomies (esp. finns) will not bother to get personal with you, unless you ask and some won't take it kindly. Lets just say the whole sister-hood cum girly thing is not in their blood.

My un solicited advice, please don't take it personal or hold it against her. Its easy to fight imaginary wars in your head when your dealing with jungus. They do things that can be intepreted so wrong.

Courtesy of culture shock. Try and build a closer relationship(if thats what you want) lakini pole pole.

I'm not a cold person or anything but some things just grow on you. Like me and my roomie, we can go two weeks bila saying a word not even a hi, and its not like weird or anything sometimes i forget he exists lol.

Its kinda easier to live with Exchange students from spain, france italy etc, they are much more hyper and warmer. Lakini Finns..don't hold your breath lol.

You got a good bargain on the telly lol I can see whats been keeping you busy.

10:13 PM  
Blogger kipepeo said... got it...mopping while you try keep your towel on lest someone walks in the door is a hassle!!! but woiye dont laugh so much.
@nick,you dont have...etc....dude that name is loooooong!!! anyway, geez minus 4!!! now that calls for bed, vanilla tea and movies!!! hope you also had a good week.
@mutumia...I wish i had a roomie like me too...hihi just kidding. thanks though. I hope its cause she just got caught up in her own stuff.
@spicey...woiye!! i can imagine the noise from the micro. i put a spoon in once...dont ask, and dude, that was one hell of a bang!!!
@prousette...thanks for the sunshine...u dont know how much it is needed!!!
@sanaa...she's not finnish, she's not french,....girl is kenyan!!! We're not just house mates, we're friends. Like do almost everything together friends. travel, drink, weekends, you name it. So I think i can take it personal. I couldnt care less if it was some random house mate, but she's not, so...anyway, yeah my 5euro tv!!! im so proud!!! you have no clue!!!

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we really share stuff galfriend............anymore? I dont feel the connection anymore, do tell me when it all went so wrong, coz I really dont know,I jus know its not the same it used to be.
You know who :(

10:51 AM  
Blogger kipepeo said...

@ cannot possibly be the same...nobody can read minds, i cant know what someone is feeling if they dont tell me...i cant ask if even a simple hello seems like its being tortured out of them...

9:21 AM  

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