Thursday, February 17, 2005


So valentines has come and gone, i had my valentines day blues but i think im getting over it now. I got a weekend job. yes saturday and sunday from 9 to 6:30. But at least its better than nothing. Ever have those moments when a friend says something that leaves you asking yourself..."ok, thought they were supposed to be my friend". I had one of those moments yesterday. trust me, its not very nice. it stings. But i guess we just move on. you can't hold on to those moments. So im having a weird kinda day. am just there.


Blogger kanja said...

somethings l guess u jus take 4granted,like being able to text someone who's really far,even if its to say nothing special it jus feels much better to be able to say something,see how they react to whats goin on in ur life ask them how they feel about stuff n makes u feel closer l guess.does away with the distance.jus a thought

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