Tuesday, July 12, 2005

latest in baths!

hmmm...i had another interesting weekend. Saturday night i really danced....like i really got down and i was oh so sober. But it was fun! Sunday was interesting. I had a bath...complete with candles and all....in an inflatable kids pool in the bathroom. I joke not! it was really something. There i was at my friends house and i was like "i wish i could have a bath" so my friends go..."we can arrange that"...a few minutes later, my "tub" was running. It was hot, i had candles and it was so big, i could spread my arms and just float on the spot. So I lay there for like half an hour. Floating. I thought about nothing but my breathing and watched the shadows from the candles. I lay there and just was. It was the most relaxing thing iv done in a long while.


Blogger nick said...

if only that was me...right now i so need to soak away fatigue,troubles...to hel with candles and scents i just need a soak in hot water that could almost peel my skin off.

6:21 PM  
Blogger kipepeo said...

@nickyboo...dude.sounds like you needed the bath more than me. hope you have one soon. otherwise just have a hot shower and lay on ur bed and think about not a think...sometimes it works pretty well. hope u feel better soon! virtual hugs and baths!!

12:17 PM  

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