Monday, July 04, 2005

little things

wow! I had a really wow weekend that started friday. I went for my first sail. We went on a sail boat to an island thats about 2 hours by sail boat from where i am. It was really great and an amazing experience. We went to this small island called tankari. there isnt very much. There's a light house that was designed by the same person that designed the eiffel tower in paris...but honestly, i didnt really see anything too wow, eiffel tower-y about it. It just looked like a lighthouse. There were also a couple of little museums that had stuff from many years ago to show how the people who lived in the area lived. Just stuff like their clothes, stuff they used to hunt etc. It just got me thinking. If that was in kenya, there would have to be some sort of guard or something, then there would be an entrance fee. At this little museum, there was nobody. Its just something that people should see and so anybody can go in. You just open the door, switch on the lights, take a look around, there's a guest book you can sign and when you're done, you switch off the lights and close the door behind you. Simple as that! If the same thing was in kenya, i can be the lights would have been stolen, the place would be trashed....unless ofcourse there was some sort of care taker, thus a charge would have to be imposed, meaning that not everyone is going to be willing to pay to see some olden days stuff, which they should really. And so its just a vicious cycle. We need to take responsibility as a nation of all our cultural gifts and our heritage and learn to take care of them no matter how small they are.


Blogger Sunflower said...

Sometimes when I see stuff like that and think the way you just did - i think of how far we still have to go. And I believe as Kenyans one day - one day - one fine day - we will get there! Good post though

1:24 AM  
Blogger akiey5 said...

Growing up in Kenya I used to consider most theft & break-ins to be a result of extreme poverty but by my 20s I realized that almost 95 of robberies & such are because of mere greed, envy & also total lack of responsibility.
Am with you on this responsibility issue & we all need to realize that vandalizing our national heritga only sets us back as a nation. Glad you enjoyed the trip:)

7:04 PM  

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