Tuesday, August 09, 2005


i like...tiramisu,waking up at 6 to the sound of rain and knowing i can just stay in bed, eating jelly sweets in bed with kanja and reading a magazine,butterflies,lemonade,martini and lemonade,water,candles,red walls,color co-ordination,african jewelry,just any jewelry,rings,trying on gloves,shopping,juice,highlands juice,chicken pies,potato soup,nail polish,body shop,stars,my cell phone,old love letters,sunglasses,body boarding,malindi,festus's (the cook at the house in malindi's) food,the cork,my parents house,my room,my armchair,my boyfriend...actually thats a love,sandals,my toes,sound of music,chocolate,fresh towels,drifting off to sleep,fingers in my hair,my maasai watchman watch strap,reading blogs,laughing,crying,nice people,singing,talking to myself,doing my eye makeup,road trips and train trips with friends,parties,clubs,dressing up,good books,watching people,watching drunk people,making up theories,nice hands,my dog kiko,dancing,going home,walking in the rain,music,my discman.....

thats all i can come up with in one sittting...next...my hates!!!


Blogger akiey said...

Hey Kipepeo, u know what!? I have a huge piece of tiramisu in my fridge right now,lo! Was a friend's b-day over the weekend & everyone agreed: tiramisu is so delicious it shld be a crime to indulge in it.Yours make me want to go raid my fridge right away,lol!
-NIce list, talking to self? Thought I was crazy for doing that. I feel you on the roadtrips(am crazy about them),walking in the rain, body boarding...ever tried jet skiing? I got hooked the day I tried it in South Coast back in '95.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Poi said...

Nice list girl! donn even do the hate one....lol

Tiramisu, no words to describe the utttermost joy of having it and the privacy I divulge in, in that very solitude moment...

Talking to urself my sis always tol me It's ok to talk to me just provided I donn answer myslef coz then It shows am insane, WRONG! now that I do both I know am nt insane and how peaceful and helpful it gets..

Great post the pic, can we not go there??

10:18 PM  
Blogger Blue Poet said...

Watching drunk people... never actually thought about that but now that you say it.. i know how much fun it always is!
Ehhhh.... Did you leave a comma out- between Maasai watchman and Watchstrap??? haaa haaa haa.!!

7:56 AM  
Blogger kipepeo said...

@akiey...i tried jetskiing...im not too wow, but with practice it could become my next addition...i can see that happening. u lucky one you! can you mail me some tiramisu please?
@poi...iv heard the not answering point...does it really really mean ur mad? i answer myself...sometimes too.another tiramisu fan!! yay!!
@blue...i love watching drunk people...its hilarious!about my maasai watchman watchstrap...no i didnt leave out a coma...iv got a beaded strap for my watch ...its like all the rainbow colours and people say it looks like it belongs to a maasai watchman! But i love it!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Poi said...

C'mmon girlfie, naw It donn mean am/u r mad, heck I do it all the time. I'm alone in the hauz most times, so say I misplace smthing when I find it I go like 'get real, u were the the whole time?" hahhaa, don't freak out. But, I donn think am mad!

Still gat mad love for tiramisu. Ditto Akiey u send me some in the mail to. Thanks in advance.*wink*wink*

8:24 PM  

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