Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Again the chair invades my life!! Last year I was told that I may have P.C.O.S...polycystic ovary syndrome...yes i know, i was like...what the ...? Its not as bad as it sounds really. And seeing that I was diagnosed early, it's easier to control, but I am at risk of getting diabetes, I should watch my weight, etc etc, the usual hormonal problem things to watch! Anyway, this year I had to go for more tests and go see the doctor again today...not my idea of a way to start the day...shower, dress, get funny cold instruments stuck in you. Today it was confirmed that I do have P.C.O.S Anyway, to cut a long story short, after lots of discussion and me asking millions of questions, I get put on the pill...! I'm still not sure about how I feel about that. I don't know if I'll remember to take the darn things almost everyday of my life! But I will have to...Oh to be a woman!!


Blogger Nakeel said...

Gal be strong and you are going to overcome this. Remember to take the pills so that you get well soon and do away with the thing fast..

6:10 PM  
Blogger Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Kips I can tell you all you want to know even without the chair. Tell you what, we are so chicken that we (guys) would go through life without having anything close to what you guys go thro. Hats off to you.

Be good my dear.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Ms K said...

Hey girl. Pole sana about the PCOS thingy. Get one of those alarm thingies you can set for when you need to meza dawas.

AND, thanks for your comment on my Shelf post. I'm sending you an email if you really do want to holla!

I hope you had a good day today. Hugs

4:34 PM  
Blogger Girl next door said...

Getting in the gyno chair is one of those strange/uncomfortable things in life. I detest it when there are men in the waiting room! All the best with your health, it can cause a lot of anxiety. The pill can keep your skin looking mzuri (sometimes it's prescribed for people with skin issues); taking a pill can be tedious--they have a patch and even an injection that lasts a few months. Different things work for different people. All the best to you!

9:36 AM  

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