Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm sitting in the library...I know I should be working, but for some reason, I'm not! I havn't blogged about anything of much importance lately...not because of anything...just because I haven't. I've just sort of been getting on with things. School, assignments, papers, exams, presentations, parties...the usual student stuff. It's ok. I'm not complaining. I smile, I kick s**t with the student council, I have diner and a laugh with my friends, I breathe, I sleep, I function....yes that's it...I function. It's that simple. But it's become so routine. Wake up, shower, dress in a million and five clothes to protect myself from the evil cold, go to school, take off all the jackets, scarves, gloves, etc. Go to class, learn something, or maybe not and just doodle on paper, do presentations and exams, decide whether to go for lunch, go if I decide to, go back to class, get out, put on million and five clothes again, go home, dinner, sauna if it's a wednesday, watch tv and do assignments, sleep. My house mate and I were talking....humans are always in a state of crisis...quarter life crisis, mid life crisis, there's always some sort of crisis going on! hm...this is a very random post, even I don't know what the hell to think of it...


Anonymous Mocha! said...

LOL.....first again!

Milo...where are you? Umelala?

@Kipepeo.....random post indeed! Sorry for hijacking with 'being first jeer'! the 'SMENITA' thing had me pulling my hair out! You dig?!

1:29 PM  
Blogger Samborera said...

I feel you. About routines, and ruts. And I'm definitely in mid-life crisis. Oh boy. What a life.

5:47 AM  
Blogger KenyanMusings said...

Stuck in a rut.......rat race.......mundane life. That life is better than for most, nevcer forget that. I feel you. Just try to do something different ever day. Try.

Keep well.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous James said...

After so many years of school what can I say? school is only one way of entrenching inequality between the poor and rich. Study with caution, approach everything with sceptism and let what your parents teach you guide you.Remember that no mount of certificates and degrees can compare to the wealth of wisdom that we get from those that loved us enough, to have us here in this fragile world.Still society has no time to recognise the wise teaching by the folks, intead they want to see degrees as evidence of our knowledge. So we have to meet this challenge, view it not as a goal but as a platform within which we can remind everyone the needs of compassion, love and tolerance.

1:20 PM  

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