Monday, March 28, 2005

why and how?

“The only thing that lets evil triumph is for good men to do nothing”
This was a quote as the credits rolled for the movie tears of the sun.I watched this movie in kenyan cinemas some years back, but it didn’t hit me as hard as it did when I watched it last night. I started watching it with my aunt, who fell asleep and went to bed even before half time…I wonder about her, I don’t know if its an overbearing attack of ignorance or if it’s a slight leaning towards racism but she couldn’t be bothered to watch anything like that, among other things that I shall not talk about right now. Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog post. I watched as bruce willis playing a u.s navy official led a group of nigerian refugee’s to safety through the lush green nigerian country. It was a gruesome depiction that made me wonder why? While I cried, I wondered why and how. How can a people so rich in culture, so full of love, be so rutheless to each other, to fellow country men? I watched how the rebels cut off the breasts of nursing mothers to make sure they would never nurse their children. Then I remembered rwanda. No matter how much wrong someone does me, would I really be able to put up a panga and kill someone so ruthelessly? Does doing it over and over really make you immune to it? Do you ever not feel absolute horror from the bloodshed? Does a person crying for mercy not move you anymore because you’ve done it so many times? Do you stop seeing people as human? Is it that easy to totally divorce it and not wonder “what if this was my mother, father, brother,sister, girlfriend, boyfriend?” Can you really just wipe of someone’s blood off your fingers and move on to the next thing? Is whatever you’re killing for really that worth it? Do the haunting screams ever stop haunting you? What does your purpose for life become? I asked myself all these questions last night. It really disturbs me to imagine that so many in africa have died. In rwanda, its still happening in northern uganda with the lords resistance army. Is it all worth it? Is african pride so strong that it will kill? Its so much to know that another human being’s life has been taken away, I don’t even have to bring it home and imagine it was my mother,father,brother. It really does break my heart to know that it happens.


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