Monday, March 14, 2005


Ok, so I finally worked my last day at the department store, and after doing what I was supposed to, giving a week’s notice, working, the week’s notice, which didn’t feel like such a good idea at like 6 o’clock on a weekend morning……(lazy morning with a book), anyway, so I got my ass up, got in the shower and went to work. So being the size of company that they are, you would think paying me for the oh….3weekends I had worked there wouldn’t be anything to seek the advice of all financial bodies in the world….apparently I was wrong. So I didn’t get paid, and get this, their excuse was….im still quite perplexed!!!…their computer was confused because pay day is in the same week as my notice!!!!! What? You’re computer is CONFUSED?? What do you when faced with utter stupidity like that? Nothing! You act equally dumb, comment on how computers do tend to get into fits of confusion these days…maybe it’s a virus???… turn round and call the head office! Anyway, I guess not everyone HAS to have common sense right? So I wont hold it against that woman. If its not there, its not there. No point getting worked up bout it. Anyway, that was my confused….huh? did you just say your computer is confused weekend. Apart from being utterly broke, everyone in the office is on some kind of diet!!! One girl is eating just cereal…yes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, anytime she thinks of eating, it can only be cereal! Then the next one is on some weird diet that allows you chocies and strawberried with chocolate sauce…hmmmm…im questioning that one and waiting to see how it works. Anyway, did I say everyone, I meant everyone exept ME!!! I just cannot do that whole diet thing!! I give in to temptation too easily. But now, I am determined to. I think my boobs are too big. Unlike everyone else, growing up, everyday I seemed to be horrified by the thought of boobs! Id actually ask them to stop growing! Im not a D cup or anything, iv got a smaller bust than most of my girlfriends, but still. So when you lose weight, you loose your bust as well, so if anything is going to be my driving force, that shall be it! Getting a few inches of my bust is my goal for this year. Hope I make it…..actually, I had better make it!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh right, i see!!! its like an online diary thingy!!!!! now this boobs nonsense crystal!!! i leave u for a couple of months and look what happens!!!! boobies are our god given blessings that we use to confuse and disarm the opposite sex. i feel u on the diet dose but breast loss as a goal is just plain stupid, so stop it!! going to leave this as anon becoz u damn well know who this is. miss u big little weirdo!!!

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