Thursday, February 24, 2005


So iv never really had a job before…as in I have worked before, but growing up in kenya and going to school at the same, you cant really get a part time job, ati working in the caffe such things while you are in high school. Its either one or the other. So my holiday jobs were always on a volunteer bases. In other words, for free, in other other words, I was exploited…you know…”you need the experience anyway, and im doing you a favor taking you in, at least you get lunch money!”….i miss kenyans! Anyway, so I will rephrase that, …other than working for lunch, which I didn’t even get coz my mum always had me pack sandwiches…which I now hate. Anyway, so I havnt worked for a salary. And this afternoon was my first time working in the caffe of a well known british department store….for an actual salary. I must say, after going through till training, I must say I respect any till person out there, …”cashback, paying by credit card, debit card, gift vouchers, credit vouchers, coupons, staff discount card…and sometimes with all of them at the same time”. So its just that im here for a little while, otherwise I would have made my presence felt, which I think I will do anyway after a while. So here we are in training, me, who’s come from miles away, this old retired fireman who’s there so he can get a bit more ontop of his pension and this amazingly pompous portugese guy whom I was worried wasn’t going to fit his head through the door. I mean, according to him, he was mr.perfect for retail. Oh and when asked why he left portugal….”im too ambitous”…one wonders what his idea of ambition is if at the age of 31 he is an assistant trainee and works a night shift in a bar. Anyway, moving on from one of the worlds wonders. So this training lady is telling us about how m & s like to keep their image and that whole air of traditionally british and that they make everything, in their food section you will only find our brand, no other brand. But in their clothes line, that’s changing coz now there are clothes made in all other countries. Especially the far east where you can get cheap labour and kids to do the work for almost nothing, but that’s ok coz its in their culture anyway…..!!!!!!!!!!! I almost had a heart attack. Says a whole lot about their policy and just how much this woman actually knows about culture and human rights. I mean you don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to figure that the whole child labour thing is just wrong and cruel. I could go on about what this ignorant woman said, but I wont coz I might just start hitting the screen from the emotion those memories will inevitably stir up. Anyway, so then I started at the caffe. Now at the end of the day, they check to see what will be expiring so as not to put it up for the next day. Well, hello hello, didn’t they through out like ¾’s of a cake. I mean its totally ludicrous. Im sure someone would appreciate it. Give it away, sell it at half price to the staff, give it to a home, something. Coming from kenya, seeing people all over the world die from starvation, you just don’t do things like that. Its just crazy. So next week I will talk to someone about it. When a person is dying coz they don’t have a simple loaf of bread, and you throw out all this? So that’s me right now. I just think this world is so not fair.


Blogger billiadaire said...

Hi Charity.........this is bill from downtown Marseille (southern france) and from reading your blogs i'd bet u'r a bit depressed

11:34 AM  
Blogger KymmBr. said...

....yu go ahead and give those pple a piece of your mind. it doesn't hurt to talk about how yu feel...and they seem to be a bunch of ignorant buffoons...are they?
hope yu like your new job though....

7:36 PM  

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