Saturday, February 26, 2005


so im home my feet ache from working all day. So someone said that i was depressed.....hmmmm....i like to complain, but at the end of the day i get on with what i have to do. i dont like europe, thats me. I like my country, i love my people, i like the smiles on everyone's faces, i like going veggie shopping with my mum at hawkers market and talking to all the vendors who have become my pals. i dont like it here when everything is so orderly that you dont even have to think anymore, no one just laughs just coz they can. But that gave me something to think about. i'll look or at least try and look for nice things to remember.


Blogger ┬žanaa said...

Hmm the aching feet, reminds me of this summer i worked in an amusement park for close to ten hrs a day...damn! I could get home..but soonest i was in the house my feet would give and i would collapse.

I like to pamper my feet coz they are one of those things that make u look old if badly kept and am more of a sandals person. A nice warm soak with bath salts, or a foot massager that comes in handy...better yet a treat to a foot spa maybe once a week.

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