Friday, March 04, 2005

the woman from the nyeri slopes has arisen!!!!

hmmm....the fighter in me has woken up. So today i went in the department store offices to tell them that i want out. I know im quite insignificant in their runnings and whether i quit or not means nothing to them, but this is something that i really feel strongly about!! i have never seen an organisation so money minded they forget whats coming and going. the other day, right infront of me, i saw them throw out a whole trolley full of sandwiches, fine they were expiring the next day, but they were'nt that day, give them out, plan better, there must be some way not to just throw gobs of things away like that. its pathetic!! then in the bathrooms, behind the door while im just taking a pee, this massive poster screaming out with a finger pointing right at you...."What are you doing to bring in more profits?"...i mean honestly!!! What does it look like, im just taking a pee for fucks sake!!! And the whole comment put very nonchalantly about child workers during my training just put a full stop to the whole thing. fine im looking for a job for now, but there is no way im going to be part of that, no matter how small my part is. So when i went to tell the stupid woman who is head of human relations, she just looked at me as if i was talking greek or better yet swahili and said how they do have charitites some times to pick up food....well, thats strange, iv never seen anyone coming to pick up all the waste that goes into the bins dear!!....ignorant fools that have never even probably been out of this province let alone england! Its just money and we are not going to the next world with it. A little humanity now and then would be just great. Anyway that is my ranting for the day, let me go for my other job which i like and thats dispatching ambulances. People actually gain from that!!! So here's to standing my ground and standing up for what i believe is right no matter how insignificant i am!!!


Blogger kanja said...

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1:41 PM  
Blogger Mshairi said...

It is a shame if this company throws away food rather than give it to homeless shelters (as many other companies do).

6:43 PM  
Blogger kanja said...

ok l wanted to edit my comment to be something like...l wish l could've seen ur glow when u quit.l like to be happy when am doing something and l work hard to ensure l makes you happy to wake up every big up urself

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

crystal i feel you on this in a country where people take their old clothes in garbage bags to the dumpster cos they cant be bothered to take them to the salvation army or goodwill office down the street. and where as soon as people get their tax refund cheques they trash all their old stuff to make space for their new things (ive lost count of the number of sofas, beds, tables and stuff that are in perfectly good condition left at the dumpster or on the sidewalk) i dont even want to get into the food thats wasted, cos thats a whole other issue. to imagine all those who dont have the luxury to be wasteful at home and even here in houston makes me angry and mad at the world. so good on you crystal! you did what was right and most importantly, you can sleep with a clear conscience as far as that is concerned.

7:18 PM  

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