Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Oooh…..i was just listening to a cd that I stole from kanja….well not quite stole, but just took and informed him that im taking it. Its got locked up by akon and some cool song by beenie man. Anyway, it really reminds me of home, rather when I went home for christmas hols!! …. More specifically it reminds me of him…kanja. We’ve got the weirdest taste in music. Kenyan, enya, ragga…some of the time and I actually got him to enjoy some rock!!! He’s one of those people who likes his music in the car really really loud, so we’re always fighting over volume control, but when im driving alone, I always find myself putting the volume really high like he does, I know when he reads this he’ll be like….haha …knew you liked my style!…Anyway, so we both really like music. I like that even while we are so far away, he still sings to me. He’ll send me a text of words to a sweet song or words to a song that we both like. I think it’s the sweetest thing ever. We’ve been together a year and a bit and I still feel that bubbly first week feeling even from so far, its sooooo cool!!!!! I was in the bus today and this old couple came on and they were talking about where to go house shopping and then they got off, and the old man helped his wife off and then had her arm in the crook of his elbow as they walked off chating away about all sorts of unimportant stuff. Its was really very sweet. And so it left me wondering, actually wishing that kanja and I get to that point. Although my mum and I are really close, I havent officially told her that we’re together, my last relationship just felt like she was always asking what was wrong, he’s not good enough for me etc. I know she means well, but I like to sort out my things the way I feel I need to and if I feel I need to ask for someone’s opinion, then I will ask. Not the other way round. So I have a feeling she has an idea, but for now im enjoying not having to explain things. One of my closest friends thinks am better off with my ex. That really hurts knowing how many tears were shed for him. I was the most miserable person for more than a month after him. And now when iv finally found this person that seems so perfect in my eyes, she makes it blatantly clear that she doesn’t like him! Oh well, such is life I guess, she’s not the one feeling all bubbly …so whatever to that. So I will go on with my dance fest to my sweethearts music and praise myself for doing something that was amazingly right in my life to deserve someone like him! Virtual kisses to my baby!!!


Blogger kanja said...

funny how when u really feel for someone they can make u feel better even without trying...even funnier how some not-so-significant people try and take this away from u...

1:37 PM  
Blogger kanja said...

ok lemme stop grovellin,ok maybe jus alittle more.av been in a relationship where everyone seemed to know,better than me,what l wanted.l found out later they dint,alot glad u do ur thing,am sure u wont regret it.

1:44 PM  

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