Thursday, March 10, 2005

doing what i say

I always say how you should never burn bridges and that no matter what, whenever a relationship ends, you cant just brush it off as one big awful experience, there must have been something really nice that you experienced. So today, I got challenged. There I was preaching the same old story to someone about how you should remember the good times, etc. And they turned round and said to me, fine, if you really think so, what did you like about your last relationship? What was the nice thing with your ex boyfriend. Forget the one who’s in your life right now. So it made me think about it. It really hurts to think about it seeing that it ended in heart ache and litres and gallons of tears. But I did think about it. So what can I say. I know for sure that he was a romantic. He didn’t seem like it, but he’d do all these little things. Once, just off the cuff, he sent me an sms on the hour for 12 hours and each sms was a reason he loved me. He took me out for surprise diners and I wouldn’t have a clue of where we were going. He’d send me a good luck bunch of roses and a card for my exams. He’d give me a foot rub in the theatre while we watched a movie…something that seemed so strange but meant a lot at that time. He’d hold my hand while we walked on the road and took charge of everything. He gave me the sweetest nick names. Not the usual sweetheart etc. something that was relevant to what I liked and made me feel really nice. He always gave me sound advice bout stuff…advice that was realistic enough for me, something that I could see myself doing, something practical and not….you’ll be fine! So it was all the little sweet things that I will remember. It’s hard and strange doing so, but I’ll practice what I preach and remember these moments rather than the not so sweet moments.


Blogger Jay said...

I find that I like to keep my memories of my exes balanced. I like to remember both the good and the bad. Because everyone has good and bad and I just like to have a more real perspective.

Also, I find that remembering the bad, sometimes helps me not to make the same mistakes. Like if one of my exes was temperamental and judgemental, I'll be more careful to pick out such things in the next person.

Mostly I just like to remember why we broke up. Cos exes are tricky. Exes have this way of worming their way back into our lives. And I'd rather keep my exes ex.

But you're right. Every once in a LONG while, I remember some sweet thing they did and it makes me smile.

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