Friday, March 18, 2005

if you want it, get it!!!!

I just realised today that I cannot be a salesperson….it just isnt me. I couldn’t be bothered to pester someone to buy something. If they like it, they’ll take it. Nothing anyone says is going to change my mind and make me buy something I never wanted in the first place. So this revelation came to me while I filled in today at some uptown shop. You wonder what its doing in a small village in taunton, clothes like those belong in london. They are too strange for the older and very conservative population of this village. Anyway, some people do buy stuff from there. So I usually say hello, smile and be there for the customer while they look around, not too close coz I hate being pestered while I shop, especially by nagging assistants who keep asking if im looking for something in particular. If I was, I would ask!! So I learnt not everyone is like me. If I just leave them, they look around and leave. If I ask them if they are ok and that awful question that I hate….”are you looking for something in particular”, they come down like a ton of bricks, but putting a show that they are fine….”uhm…not really, (then after a pause of thought)..actually, im going for a wedding and I need something to go with my pink jacket, oh and shoes, oh and while you’re at it, do you have something green, you know, to go with my eyes…”…..All these things. Did they need me to ask them? Surely im not paid to just sit there and look pretty in my boobs….(which im wishing away but not working and is made worse in a land of boobless creatures), anyway, away from my hatred for my boobs. So do they need me to ask them so they can tell me? If im looking for something, I go into the shop and just tell them, …”I’m looking for this and that!”. Finished. No need for not asking for help and waiting to be asked. Anyway, I guess everyone being so different makes the world go round.


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