Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i think i'll wait a bit..

I’m looking for a ticket for finland now. By the way thanks miss k. That means a lot. I have spoken to sanaa. All of a sudden, iv got just a few weeks to go!!! I can’t believe it. I anyone told me that at my age now, I would have gone to italy for uni, not liked it, gone to the uk for a couple of months while I wait for uni in finland, I would have dismissed them as totally crazy!! Anyway, on the way to leicester this weekend, I was sitting next to this girl, im calling her a girl because she didn’t look like she was above 21. She had her little daughter who was about oh, maybe 2 or 3. They were both really tired, so both cranky…I think they had been travelling for most of the day. The mum was trying to listen to some music, the poor little girl couldn’t sit still, cant blame her, at that age its horrible travelling. And it was a tug of war between them. So I thought to myself. Wow, here I am, cant even take care of my own life, what would I do if I had a little one to take care of? Geez, not a good thought. I love babies. Honestly and truly, like the shop attendants at mother care back home know me coz im always in there with one of my girlfriends swooning over baby clothes and shoes. People get sick of my going…”awww” everytime a baby passes. I love all babies!! But I just cannot see myself being a mother right now. The life of a little one depending on me!?! That’s not funny. So there we were, two young people about the same age. But our lives so different. Me with my carefree life on my way to my friends to party for the weekend with my bag with make up, change of clothes, discman, a time magazine and a good book to read, and there she was with wet wipes, dummies, nappies and a baby on her hip. Life is so different for people, its amazing.


Anonymous Mentalacrobatics said...

When the time comes as sure you’ll be able to step up to the plate, you might surprise yourself how well you would cope. I hear you about the same age different lives. I think about that each time I hear about NBA players 5 years younger than me with $60million in the bank!

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