Monday, April 04, 2005


So I came back from leicester yesterday. Went to birmingham on Saturday…!! compared to my little taunton backwater village, birmingham is massive. Had a blast, went decently clubbing, which I havnt done in a long while. Then realised that iv got a month to finland. I was really low yesterday after my bus ride back after reading an email that my mum sent me about what relatives opinions are. I haven’t cried in a long time, but I did last night….yes woke up with the puffy eyes and everything…anyone know how to get rid of those after a night of crying, please let me know…!? Anyway, its amazing how people have no faith in you. So I asked myself if I did the right thing by leaving italy, what if finland doesn’t work out, what then? Had a long talk with the love of my life who made me feel a little better. Then I figured, I shall do what im good at…I’ll make it work, if for no other reason than to prove a point and rub it in their faces! Why? Because I can. And that is exactly what im going to do. So I wiped my tears and decided ahead is the only way. These last months (the last two being numb) have been the record hardest times in my entire 20 year life…well at least iv got cool stories to tell my grandchildren.


Blogger Jay said...

Good for you gal!! And don't just make it. Excel! We['re all rooting for you.

Ps/ Holla at Sanaa. She might be able to give you a few tips about life in Finland.

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