Monday, April 11, 2005

my hair....

Ooh! I painted my nails today. Don’t think they’ve seen nail polish since I left kenya in december. They look quite nice actually. I have’nt been taking care of myself very much recently. Took out my lovely braids with my cowrie shells this last week…..oh my goodness, I said I was going natural and now my hair is half natural and half relaxed. I don’t even know where to start with it!! It’s sooo big. All I can do is tie it in a bun. Anything else feels like im wearing a mop on my head. See im hair dresser spoilt. Growing up in kenya I was always at the hairdressers. Iv had my hair red, bronze streaks, gold hi-lights, name it, iv had it! Short bobs, long, I was quite liking my layered look, that’s until europe came along, and wow, I can’t go to the hairdressers. One have’nt found one, two, even if I do, I am not about to pay the kind of charges they charge! I’d rather my mop! So maybe I might like my natural curly hair….so this next week its going to be au naturalle!!!…hope it works! Curly roots and straight tips! Hmmm…So this morning I was blowdrying my hair, cursing why it wont just listen to me and go straight. Then I asked myself why I was doing this. I relaxed my hair to get it straight, spend hours at the hairdressers in the dryer, getting it flat ironed coz I hate curls. My hair isnt straight, my hair’s ringletty and wild. My hair is much like my life, a tumbling of sort of curls,and not too sure which direction its going. But its mine! So, I’ll let my hair be who its meant to be from now. Ok im off to wash my hair and let it dry of in a natural way! Im actually quite excited about this.


Anonymous wairimu said...

I feel you on the hair. I recently chopped off my hair and to be precise Jan 15th, 2005. I got tired of Hair salon in U.S with all sort stuff they do to your hair with numerous names of style that I cna't keep up with,not to forget the amount of dollars I have to part with. Mind you, the style last for only a week! In the mean time the hair become over processed. So I have vowed I will walk with my natural hair, will grow an afro even if we are in 2005 and my hair got to be the kinkiest hair ever but I love my african kinky hair wold nto trade it for anything else. I think afro is kinda cute and my face being round shaped and almost a look a like to Angie Stone...Well I don't think I look too bad.So to NATURAL HAIR!!!

6:17 PM  
Blogger kipepeo said...

i'm getting there...natural all the way!!!

12:25 PM  

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