Monday, September 26, 2005

I did this quiz to see what bjork song i am.... and it said...

Human Behaviour
You're "Human behaviour"! You don't
really understnd what happens around, which can
sometimes be the best thing! Even though you
may seem naive, you are truly the opposite -
you set out to understand tthe things your
curious about, and are a happy person.

Which Bjork Song Are You (complete)?
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Blogger Milonare said...

You're "All is Full of Love"! You appreciate the true beauty of love, and seek it all around you. You should appreciate your life!

82 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 253 times.
32% of people had this result.

Hahahaha - Interesting one BFly

1:38 PM  
Blogger Nakeel said...

Twin (can i call u so coz i see it) i fear taking this test but lemmi think and see it all round

11:40 AM  
Blogger kipepeo said...!!! thats so cool! "all is full of love" then ur tweety!! dang milo!! what a personality uv got going on!!
@nakeel...sure...we are now officially twins!!!go on and do the quiz its really funny!!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Luna said...

this is so kool..i have to do it...

5:22 PM  

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