Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just came home from an exam in an extremely and I cannot overemphasize extremely boring chain management! It totally irkes my world!! Then I had really studied, dude the material that professor man gave us to study, was enough paper to kill all the trees in Finland for! Then...hmm....(as I flair my hands up in the air to fully express my point!!) he goes and brings this silly exam....with like a third of the material...after I had a sleepless night of studying!! hmmm! arms akimbo! But somehow I'm having a good day. Must be because last night I kinda put certain issues that have been bothering me for the better part of this year to rest...well kinda...I kinda had a bit of closure by sending an email with what I felt. Shed my last tear and I think I may be a bit better! So on to the topic of the day!!!.....My mode of transport...

See I don't own a car...why would I want one of those here? Just I watched this car get pulled over as I was waiting for the lights to go green at the road where I'm still trying to figure out why they pulled out the last traffic lights and replaced them with new ones, complete with new pedestrian "I need to cross the road" buttons as I call them. They were perfectly fine and working!! Mysteries of Finland! Anyway, as I was waiting, this car was pulled over by the cops in Finland just look MEAN! Not as nice and smiley as this picture!!!
they wear overalls and in my mind its so they can run faster while they chase you and beat you up nice and wild imagination actually paints this scene in my head! Poor head that back on track...this car was pulled over, I watched this poor man pull out every single bit of identification he had in his wallet....drivers license, i.d, library card, video library card...ok, not all those but dude he pulled out many things! And I bet he didnt do anything big...but he was still in trouble...hihi! And there I was on my good old bicycle...I roll a mountain bike yo!! I don't have fuel costs, insurance costs, oil, car wash and all those other costs! All I have to do is put some air in my tires like once a year, buy me some band aids for the occasions that I fall off the blasted thing, maybe and this is a big maybe get a puncture repair kit, but I still havn't had a puncture in over a year! So it's the greatest thing ever! Oh and it's great exercise!! So this is dedicated to my bicycle...without whom i would have a hard time getting round...


Blogger Majonzi said...

In my senior year, I took a class in Supply Chain Management, couldnt agree more. One of the most boring classes I ever took. Whatsmore, majority of the peeps in the class were geeky jamaas who would have intense discussion dry topics such as SPC/QC Methods, Inventory Mgmt.... ehh, let me not bore u with the topics. Lakini, our instructor made us interview a supply chain manager, and altho the jamaa I interviewed was boring, I still had fun trying to figure out how the hell s'one would be as boring as he was!!! (was having double interviews, in my head and in real time)

good ol' biking, but are going to do when it gets cold?

3:53 PM  
Blogger Shiroh said...

Pole about your boring class. I imagine its boring already!!!

hehe you ride a bicycle. Interesting. here not many chics ride bicycles, dunno why. I would love to see you ride

3:58 PM  
Blogger egm said...

Pole bout the exam. I pity the supply chain folks at my company. Glad I never went anywhere near tht route.

Yeah for bikes! The reasons you are the exact ones I have used for not owning a car the 10 years I have been in the US. Too costly! So biking or bus/walking it is to all places I go to in my everyday routine. For longer distances, I can always rent a car. And it sure is a neat way to stay healthy!

11:08 PM  
Anonymous KymmBr said...

that class must be the pits. in my side of the world, i also remember taking this genetics II eaxm.... gal did i study for that thing... then the proff brings the dumbest exam i ever saw. talk of trans-nighting and all...

actually now that yu mentioned it, i just realised my bike has rusted coz i haven't used it in a minute. during summer it's my modus transpotre...but now that's its getting cold, i gotta dig deeper into my pockets for that gas money.
am thinking about buying myself a horse

5:21 PM  
Blogger Stunuh Jay said...

I live supply chain managemen, but I'm the wicked witch in the corner that you don't want to bump into :D heheheh...! But kudos to the emotional bin day.... I'm already looking foward to next year, this one done mess me up!!!

7:05 PM  
Blogger Nakeel said...

Is that the same bike that rolled you sometime back. hehehe..

9:32 AM  

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