Friday, October 20, 2006

random post ever!!!!

For reasons not known to me, my internet isn’t working!!! Totally sucks, so I shall post this when it decides to stop throwing tantrums and work again. Winter is looming and right now it’s started that below zero temperature nonsense!!!! Sniff sniff! All you people in Kenya cursing the heat and dust….please send some over? DHL, TNT, txt, whatever is faster!! I’ll even take the dust! Yes I am in dire need of some natural heat. In other news, insomnia has struck yet again! After agonising over sleep, it finally comes to me at….oh say 3a.m!! If only I could put in as much effort into my boring assignments as I do into wooing sleep. So I watch all the TV shop’s latest products, fridges, hair brushes, “the magic bullet”….get your minds out of that gutter…its some food processor…”chops onions in just seconds!!”…said in that sing song voice that seems to do all TV shop thingy bobs. But on the good side, in my attempt to fall asleep, after TV shop has bored me till I can’t blink anymore, I switch off everything and lie there in the dark and think. So I’ve had a lot to think about. For example, I don’t think I want to go to Ireland anymore, they changed their courses and the new ones are oh so boring!!! So I was thinking bout Sweden! Nomad that I am. Then I decided I’m really bad at keeping in touch and I shall put more effort into that. Like my mother says, “never burn bridges behind you”! I was contemplating cutting my hair….like cutting it really short. Then came to the realisation that I may not have the perfect head shape for that, so I think I shall keep my mop of hair with me for a while longer. And when I finally have children, they shall not be ignorant!!! Over my dead body! I don’t care how boring they think it is, but they shall be frog marched to museums, they shall be well read and they shall be able to contribute in conversations bout general worldly matters. Ahem…much like myself….nah just kidding…well, at least I can hold my own in a conversation. When you hear someone speak and just wonder “why?”! Those shall not be my children! Lol, look at me going on about “my children”!!! I need to sort my life out first. Random point here….last night after being harassed out of my nice warm bed to go to yet another student party, I got a lush hand massage. So there I was, amongst student chaos, loud music and people attempting to do the impossible - dance!!! There I was in my own bliss, getting a hand massage! Lush! Bless the soul who gave me that little piece of heaven.

On my music list for the week….
India.Arie (I remembered the dot between her names!!)….wings of forgiveness and heart of the matter off the last album she did….
Beyonce…irreplaceable…again off her last album B’day…”to the left to the left…”…my favourite bit
Jamelia’s version of numb…totally loving this version
Jojo…too little too late
And off course….losing my way off Justin’s future sex/love songs album

No prizes to guess what’s on my mind! All’s well that ends well and if its not well, ….well then its not the end….
-words from my super wise mother!!!


Blogger spicebear said...

my insomnia hit bottom when i was watching one of those half hour colonics infomercials. that magic bullet ad is the most interesting thing in the middle of the night. i also have random thinking. i soo agree with you about not having ignorant children. especially those who grow up to be proud cos they don't "waste" time reading anything. i think intelligent conversation is overrated but if you read you at least have a variety of things to talk about.

i wasn't really feeling the bday album, but i do like that song upgrade you. i hope they don't overplay it when it's released as a single.

ok, why are there no letters visible for word verification? aaaargh.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Nakeel said...

Beat insomnia go out partying for three consecutive days like I tried but didnt work but worked to my pal.
Its always bad that when you are supposed to be waking up you are deeply asleep.

Lool at you bila proper head for short hair enyewe dont burn the bridges.
Totally agree with you on the kids part the more good things you expose themn to the better people they will be.

Feeling India and Jojo too..
Enjoy your weekend.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't understand insomnia, I can wake up and fall asleep at will. But late night thinking is good for the soul, things are clearer. LOL at the head shape. Maybe you need some locks its liberating I tell you.

My kids are NEVER stepping into a museum. Ha Ha.... hand massage?

10:27 AM  
Anonymous KymmBr said...

that's some hours yu puttin in trying to woo
I also hate it so bad when i want to sleep and i just lie there and nada! then i just wake up and start doin something in the hope that i will feel sleepy and be back in bed... and the cycle continues.

So, can i guess what's on yu'r mind?

2:55 AM  
Blogger Luna said...

why oh why wud you want to cut that beautiful hair u sneak peaked some time back?!?

u cant be more on point with the song Irreplaceable..its been on of the first solo Beyonce songs ive ever liked....
Also the Justins Losing my way...def the best song on that album for me right now....

excellent quote from ure mum

11:31 AM  
Blogger kipepeo said...

I think I should right more often bout insomnia so that I can hear from people I havnt heard from in yonks...
@spicey...half hour colonics ad...? ok, u have drastic insomnia. i love upgrade you too...lush song!!
@nakeel...tried the partying...I was a zombie for like 3 days, I was so tired but i couldnt fall asleep!!!
@ h& lucky thing you...I wish i could sleep at will....whats the secret?
@kymbrr...dude!!!! which rock have you been hiding under??? hmm...guess what's on my mind? and i so know bout the insomnia cycle...the devils work!!!
@luna!!! another under a stone hider!!where did you run off too? dude, the hair is au the winter, i just could not be bothered to start dealing with it...given its all curly, but hmmm...the songs are just too cool for school...

12:15 PM  
Blogger Girl next door said...

Winter temperatures already? Warmth from the sun is so precious, it makes one feel more human. Sometimes, reading a boring textbook can make one really sleepy but it's hard when your mind won't relax even though your body's exhausted. Ignorance is not to be tolerated, especially if a person has opportunities to expand their mind. I so feel you on the idea of keeping hair super-short! I was about to do it a few weeks ago, but decided to weka braids. I'm still thinking about it though. India.Arie has great music!

4:38 AM  

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