Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Of preppy-ness and white hands...

I was watching some Finnish girls go past me the other day at a coffee shop…all preppy, and well for Finns, seeing as their sense of fashion is slightly warped, looking well in the mix of things clothes wise. There I was in my sweater, jeans, boots…and when I say boots, take out that image forming in your mind of cool snazzy boots….no these are boots!! I used to be one of them. Back at home in my up to date wardrobe, little pretty sandals on my feet, hair done and healthily bouncing along as a result of going to the hairdressers almost every week. My feet were nice and supple and I was one of the preppy ones in my own way and with my own sense of fashion. But here, I couldn’t care less. First I have to be warm for my 20 minute walk to school, then I have to wear these big, gumboot type boots so that I don’t fall on my ass walking on the ice. And as a result, my feet are nothing but supple, the weather really doesn’t help. Your skin gets all dry from the constant cold and you hair!!! Let’s not even get into that! You know the way there are hair products for heat resistance when you use tongs and things, there should be something made for cold resistance coz honestly!! But on the other hand, I’m less worried bout all those things. And in its own way, it’s liberating. I can wear my hair wild and still be me and when I class up, it makes quite the impact! But I’m sure when I go home my mother will think I’ve turned into one of those artsy, wispy, hippy type people lol! On to other things…Someone blogged about the new pronto condom!!! It is soooooo cool…ok I am not a nympho or anything, but dude, I watched the demo and I was like….wow!!! Now why did they not think of that before? Then I noticed something funny…lol, the demo is done on a black model of a penis…(its not real) and the hands doing the “condom application” are white. Strange!


Blogger Majonzi said...

I feel the same. I evne wear a lesso when I leave the house.... I have however not taken it to the Minnesotan level where people go out in pajamas! And when I go home, I have to upgrade my wardrobe, since my sister will not be seen around with me. Altho she will sometimes look at me and say, "oh, how cute! only you can get away with that kinda look."

8:37 PM  
Anonymous makanga said...

Yeah I was thinking about the same thing: white hands over a black phallus....a little disturbing. I hope they have a patent on that rubber. That is going to catch on.

Most def stay bummy till you have to shine. One of my good friends would spend an hour getting herself together and trust, she'd look incredible, only problem being she'd be heading to class for an hour and then she'd be home all day.....that's just wasting outfits.

1:57 AM  

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