Thursday, December 01, 2005

My part

Today is world aids day.....seeing that my mission in life is to make a difference, I figured I needed to do something. I'm not a billionare...yet, so I can't possibly donate a huge lumpsum of money to the cause, I needed to do something though. So I figured I'd make and sell red ribbons, the money I would donate to children in kenya who are affected or infected by aids...I'm yet to decide which organization to give to. I sold each for one euro. Not too much money, I mean that's just about the price of a candy bar or something. So despite having two exams tomorrow, I went around looking for enough ribbon of the right color and pins and made them last night, in time to sell them today. Given I could have done a better job of marketing and started the campaign earlies, like maybe have it on for the whole week, but I've been swamped with work...lousy excuse, but next year I shall do better. Its amazing how people don't even know what AIDS day is let alone that it was today. Apart from that, I have come across some interesting characters. This lady said...with a straight face on..."I dont need one, sorry"....Ok, first of all, what does she mean she doesnt need one? It's for a cause, I know you don't need one!!! Who the hell "needs" a ribbon for crying out loud? Secondly, why the hell apologize to me? Apologise to the children in need. Tell them that you didn't "need" a ribbon!!!! I mean honestly!!! You'd rather even tell me you don't have a euro on you!! Hm...that was number one....Now person number two doesn't believe in all this because aparently, if you get aids, thats your s**t! Deal with it. Oh, this person also said it with a straight face and was very serious about it. She didnt understand why I bothered!....ok, true that you harvest what you sow and you shouldnt just go around sleeping with everyone....AIDS is indeed a reality. But what about that woman who was raped? That child that was born with AIDS, that woman because she happens to be part of a certain culture is forced into marrying the wrong person (healthwise)? Is it their s**t to deal with? A big part of the spread of AIDS in africa is ignorance and lack of information, people need to be sensitised, educated about AIDS, it's here, its a reality and we have to deal with it. It just won't go away and it doesnt choose who to attack! It's impartial to race, social standing, tribe, etc.
So anyway, apart from coming across these.....uhm...interesting characters, I hope the little that I have collected will do some good out there.


Blogger Beziq said...

That was so kind of you to think of making the ribbons and donate the money.
As for those who dont need the ribbons, F*** them!. But not literally.

3:56 PM  
Blogger spicebear said...

amazing how people think that this is not their problem and that they should't be bothered. keep spreading the word and ignore all those twits who are "sorry" that they cannot help orphans of a disease that is ravaging the word. i just posted about what i hope to achieve today and in the future.(doing a shameless plug of my blog) information is clearly needed. people may think that they do not need to hear any more about AIDS but we will keep pushing until they take notice. great initiative.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Keguro said...

I'm never convinced by the distinction between those who "deserve" to get AIDS and those who don't.

It's sad to imagine some people still beleive disease can be "deserved."

Ribbons! I love ribbons! I'd buy one, except I'd spend more on shipping than one euro. Good idea, ribbons. Next year, emroider them with little butterflies--personalized ribbons!

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

regardless of everything thats happened this past weeks, I still think you are a beautiful soul and we should talk.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous acolyte said...

At least you did what you could and you can be proud about that!

1:08 AM  
Blogger Machozi said...

Dint know you had it in you girl... way to go! well done c u in a few weeks!!

2:24 AM  
Blogger Prousette said...

Wow that was really thoughtful of you, though the reaction to the people you were talking to is a little puzzling,

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Mentalacrobatics said...

ati "i dont need one" what the hell is that?
Well done for doing your part :-)

1:27 PM  

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