Friday, April 14, 2006

random random random....edit!!

I just wrote this looooooooooong raaaaaaaandom winding post on nothing in particular. I looked at it and decided not to post it, I may seem a tad bit.....looney!! Being reminded by people who I should be, got me thinking about who I am. People, even I think I'm a tad bit crazy, but don't i have to be to get by?? When I started this blog, I was easy like sunday morning, nobody knew about it, I didn't know all these other kenyan bloggers, so who cares what they think right? then as time went on, people got wind of it, by default it slipped out of me...its so hard to keep a secret these days!! Anyway, now some people in my real world know about my blog. For a while I'd think twice before I posted stuff, but then, what the heck. This is my space and I will say what i want, when I want. Tough on anyone else...they can get their own space...its free!! I don't use this to slander anyone, or anything like that, I just say what I feel like, when I feel like! Its great. I don't explain anything to anyone and thats the greatest thing about blogging for me...its a release!! Hmm although lateley I have been fresh out of inspiration!! Even though there is soooo much to write about, like:

- nepalese porters who are known to be the best porters in the world (they can carry their own weight on their backs and go galavanting across Nepal)
-The goings ons in Chad
-Italian elections and Berlusconi's ability to make me laugh my socks off by some of the things he says
-my ability to do cool stunts with my tongue...(get your minds out of the gutter!! not that way)
-my need to rediscover my big 'O'!!!
-hi5 and weird forums...(kenchic...for people who like kenchic!!???)
-my love for India and its culture despite me never setting foot on indian soil...YET!!!
-my love for raidiators in class....greatest thing since sliced bread!!
-the question of my room!! Why is it never ever tidy enough?? Can't it just remain neat??? Why do I always have to follow up on it?!!!
-my new ganga-sta word ''yo!''

So as you can see (the list is way longer, just didn't feel like typing it all out!), I have lots to write about, so maybe one of these days I shall get to it!!

This was a very random post on a good friday that doesn't feel like a good friday!
But none the less,
Have a lush easter everyone!!! adds are hillarious, the add they had with this post is for an orange energy rush drink!!! I love google!!


Blogger spicebear said...

i feel you on the room kips, i'm always tidying up then after a couple of hours i'm like "damn, yo! what happened to all my hard work?" (ok, i'm still learning, but i'll get there!)

it's so wierd about blogging when alot of people are looking over your shoulder. and as for being anonoymous, i have had people take one look at my blog and send me e-mails like "yo! i know it's you" (fine, i need more tips from the master, ebu give instructions on this whole yo! phenomenon)

i have a back log of posts in my head but the procastinator in me - hmm!

7:02 PM  
Blogger Poi said...

Happy Easter!

8:26 PM  
Blogger Farmgal said...

Happy easter

10:06 PM  
Blogger kipepeo said...

happy easter everyone!! you guys are excellent students yo!!!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Prousette said...

Yo! How you keeping? Had a lovely Easter yo!! Can't help it such a cool word and rolls of the lips even without the tongue.

1:19 PM  

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