Monday, April 10, 2006

SATURDAY!!!!! oh saturday!!! The plan was :

- have dinner with friends
- watch the God's must be crazy with a few drinks and same friends
- go to some random party that was being held

Dinner was done, drinks were had...we kinda didn't make the movie nor the party! Reason being :

half a mug of vodka, a big scoop of ice cream and a splash of orange juice or blue sprite...yes we have blue sprite in Finland (limited edition y'all!)

This drink was made by a polish friend (note to self, poles didn't get their drinking reputation by default...there are reasons...this being one of them. Do not drink anything they make "drinkwise" again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I usually go from sober, to tipsy, to drunk.
This time I went from sober to DRUNK!!! I don't quite remember an in between!
It's not my fault, I didn't see her make it, it tasted so nice. Like milkshake!! hehe yeah right!!
This resulted in me telling people about how women don't need men when there are rabbits (platinum ones at that) on the market. Tres "oh my goodness did I really say that" moment once I was sober round about sunday evening!
All in all, it was a rather nice day!!!
People I think this place is the only place in the world where it's still snowing!!! What happened to spring??

Song of the day : sexy love (ne-you)...I am so loving his album!


Anonymous Ms K said...

Beware all alcoholic cocktails that contain icecream! My friend and I did ourselves in with that once. LOL let's just say, that's one way of getting through the weekend!

9:50 AM  

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