Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Egypt is the home of cleopatra of whom I have had a never ending fasination to the point for a while I believed I had to have been egyptian in my past life...
Egypt has five thousand years of culture and is the oldest civilisation in the world! That in itself is simply fascinating. But back to Cleopatra. She became queen of Egypt at the tender age of 17 or that age I could barely finish my homework let alone rule a whole empire as big as Egypt ! Despite what people think of her now, she wasn't as pretty as that. She is known to have had very masculine features with a not so feminine hooked nose to go with the whole look. But she did have charisma... and that is what made her who she was. She had a very elaborate and seductive way of dress and more than her clothes, she oozed sensuality. At the time of Cleopatra's rule, Egypt was a land full of wealth, culture and it just had a special air to it...well at least to me. Cleopatra was Egypt's last pharoah and after her rule, Egypt became a Roman province....From such a fascinating forward to present day Egypt where the government of Egypt has detained 10 people...among them is Egyptian blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah...So I stand in solidarity with other bloggers all over the world and the idea is this...
to link the word Egypt back to the free Alaa! site.

“The hope is that the number of links will eventually mean someone entering the term Egypt in a search engine will arrive at the Free Alaa! site rather than a tourism brochure or something similar. It’s a way of publicising both Alaa’s detention and that of the more than 40 others held after peaceful protests”.

Rachel Rawlins, Global Voices.

Thanks to Mshairi, Keguro, mutumia and Mental who are doing the same...hope this makes even the slightest of differences...

free Alaa!


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