Monday, May 16, 2005

ok, i need some help people...i know my fellow bloggers are really smart people....stop blushing all of u. iv got an oral exam coming up and i need some contributions to what iv my question is....

Business had been good for the past year, and barry builder had taken more jobs than ever, without an increase in employees. This led to excellent profits for barry, but also to long hours and a feeling that he was bouncing from job to job. A week ago, new buyers walked through the door. They were nice people who had made a lot of money last, and were willing to pay whatever it took to build their dream home. Barry couldn’t say no. Normally Barry would have been thrilled to take on clients like the Johnstons, but the thought of this project filled him with dread. He already felt like an absentee husband and father, and all his superintedents were maxed out. In addition, he didn’t know where he would find another framing crew.
Plus, not all his clients were nice folks like the Johnstons. The Helgards were pure torture. They never made decisions on time, changed them as soon as they were made, and became hysterical when any little thing went wrong. Barry was having a hard time sleeping at night and could hardly drag himself out of bed in the morning. He felt he needed to get away – not for a few days or a week, but for a month or even a year. He had always thought that building houses was fun, but it wasn’t fun anymore.

SOLUTION: There is no simple solution to builder burnout. As burnout progresses, barry will becomeless and less effective, which will exacerbate theproblem. And not only is Barry burnt out, his superintedents likely are burnt out as well.
What would you do?

so,....thats what i have to talk about! help somebody, anybody, all you clever people out there who need something new to think about....?


Anonymous Ms K said...

Eh at the risk of sounding silly, why hasn't Barry hired new staff?

3:35 PM  
Blogger Deno said...

not to be harsh..but burn out is a direct result of not being able to vent - and happens not just in 'building'.

If Barry does not find a way to vent during his time there, sadly to say, somethings gotta give.

so think of ways that Barry can find an outlet within his work, since clearly a vacation or more time is not an option.

I suggest first discusses with his bosses the acuteness of the situation, and if they cant seem to understnad that his burnout will directly affect his work assignments, then he probly shouldnt be working for them anyway.

Once thye can establish a compromise, better time management and change in routine will help ease up the tension built on the mind.

that and maybe an office love affair may also help..or his wifey should pitia the office more often...for some ehhhh stress relief if u know what im sayin...hehe im playin

12:33 AM  
Blogger nick said...

-am not as smart as u think
.is googling for the soulution an option
.if u bite off more than u can chew u need more water-ebu he hires more help. and once he gets thru with all those contracts he gets himself a trustworthy manager and let him go on a break-Lord knows he can now afford it

8:29 PM  
Blogger kipepeo said...

thanks guys...
@miss k...i have no clue why he hasnt, but iv got like and hour of group discussion to talk about this....huh..!!
@deno...he's his own boss, so i was thinking maybe he could take a vacation...but i love the wife passing by more often idea
@nickyboo...that was smart enough..i dont think google can help this one...

2:22 PM  
Anonymous samantha said...

hey crys!! ok hope its not too late, just read ur thingy & thot id add my 2 cents in ;-) ok first of all hiring more workers is only one option that he has regarding how to deal with the new business. Since he is making quite abit of money he has the option of aquiring another, smaller business (either taking it over or merging with it) this solves the problem of having to interview and select workers as by taking another company over, all the people and their allocated tasks are already in place. he could also make a deal with another builder company where he could pass on the new work to them, but drawing up a contract where he would get a percentage of the money they pay for having their houses done, thereby getting paid without doing the work so to speak. For his current workers experienceing burnout, he should practice job rotation, to reduce the monotony of the tasks, e.g the sawer instead of just sawing wood the whole day could also nail the stuff up, while someone else saws, this allows the guy to get away from the saw as well as gain experience as a nailer making him a more valuable worker (ok have no clue what the proepr names are for builders but you get the idea!) umm last idea, since there is more demand for his work he needs to become more efficient, he should therefore introduce more machinery/technology(as its output is higher per unit than output per worker) eg, those automated nail pushing things instead of hammers (guess u can tell dont do much DIY, dumb examsple but u get my meaning!) oh and company BBQs, parties and such things, to promote togetherness, free flow of ideas (since hey are the ones actually on site (weuwe im proud of that one) everyday, listen to their probs and solutions) and relaxation of workers, also build team spirit and motivates them. hope that helps a little bit, xxx luv

12:53 PM  

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