Thursday, April 14, 2005

weird day

So I had an interesting day…you know one of those days that seems like a twilight zone? Yeah, that’s what I had. I actually going aroung in the bus. Even though most times im the only one below the age of 60. But I like old people. They are so cool. So anyway, I was walking to the bus stop and right on the path was a lady-bird trying to make its way to the bushes…the last time I’ve seen one of those has got to be more than 5 years ago! So I let it climb onto my finger with its tiny tickly feet and put it in the bushes. I wish someone would do that for my life! Anyway, so got to work, and I was supposed to be doing an annual leave table and the bosses tallying, didn’t seem to be right, so after a lot of gently getting people to notice me…(im only a temp, who cares what I say), I finally got people to notice that they are actually being given a raw deal. They work an 8 hour day, but when they apply for leave, it’s a 7.5 hour day, the lost half hour, does make a big difference, so everyone is up in arms about that now. And lots of other little things that don’t make sense like a person having to find someone to cover for them when they take leave. Hello, that’s the managers problem, that’s what they’re paid to do. I’m entitled to my leave, why do I have to find someone to work those hours? Anyway, they have a crap system going on there. Then me being a sandal lover, seeing that the sun was out when I left the house, I put on my pretty sandals. Get out of work and its pouring, oh well, not the first time iv walked in the rain. Then go to buy a bottle of water and these two punk rockers, you know the full deal…piercings in every place, eye liner, red hair, long coats, etc. (both guys) were buying baby clothes for some little baby somewhere. They actually had very good taste, and completed the outfit with little booties. It just looked so strange for a tiny pair of baby booties to be in the hands of these punk rockers….weird!


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