Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm baaaaaaack

I’m back in Finland. It’s kinda strange and a little hard to get back into the whole routine…rural life, school. But it’s a nice sort of familiarity nonetheless. People have left, new faces all over, some old ones that have been good to see again. It’s nice to have my own room again, with my own personal space for all my solo dance fests on random Sunday mornings. I’ve already got a whole load of work….and it’s only the first week….what happened to taking things slow in the beginning? Anyway, it has to be done. Ooooh I did my virgin eye brows at last….I kinda like the look….my raised eye brow look looks a whole lot better with all that extra spazz in it. Now the thing is maintenance, me, tweezers and eye brows!!!....we all don’t know what to do with each other…we sort of just stand there with the mirror in our midst wondering what to do and how to do it. Lol, its going to be interesting. Well, one good thing about being back is that I shall loose all the WEIGHT (yes in caps coz it’s a whole lot of weight) that I put on as a result of eating whatever takes my fancy…and as I realised, my fancy goes along the lines of fizzy mix, crisps and all other things that are generally not good for you and practically swimming in calories or fat! But no more of that!! Back to walking everywhere, eating healthy and drinking loads of water! If its one thing I’m grateful for in this little village is my ability to keep healthy. I feel a whole lot calmer and rested after my super summer. I will however miss boots and superdrug desperately!! They have got to be my all time favourite stores in the whole wide world!!! Oh well! Sniff sniff! So all you good people who are still on your summer breaks….enjoy it for me. Those who didn’t get a summer break, I’m back with you now! Flutter kisses all round!!
Then this, when you hear someone’s familiar voice and even through all the ish you’ve been through, you still laugh coz they are just funny and they just can’t help but be that way. You wish them well and wonder if what they say is really true, you’d like to believe it but you know they are probably just words and from experience, its not a good idea to get hooked onto those words because later down the road, you realise exactly that…they were just words, nothing more, empty as empty could be with no meaning at all and here you were thinking otherwise and putting your emotions into something that was an empty vacuum and all your deep and thoughtful emotions are met with a look of…huh? What on earth are you on about? Thus leaving you doubting your sanity, who you are and who you thought you were! Suddenly you’re not this miss independent anymore who was true to herself and could stand up against anything! You become this fragile, tearful, weak, poor excuse for yourself and it seems like forever to get back to who you were. So when words are spoken, you just don’t believe them. It’s a defence mechanism. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!