Saturday, October 28, 2006


Since halloween is coming and today there is an international student's halloween party and I was doing some research for what to wear...something quick and easy...oh how the internet depletetes my talent for imagination. Anyway, I came across this website and the ideas on it are hillarious!! My favorite is dress in pink and stick a shoe on ur head....outcome....gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe!! made my evening!!! Apart from that, only in Italy do parliamentarians argue about transgender toilets... Hope everyone is having a super weekend....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just came home from an exam in an extremely and I cannot overemphasize extremely boring chain management! It totally irkes my world!! Then I had really studied, dude the material that professor man gave us to study, was enough paper to kill all the trees in Finland for! Then...hmm....(as I flair my hands up in the air to fully express my point!!) he goes and brings this silly exam....with like a third of the material...after I had a sleepless night of studying!! hmmm! arms akimbo! But somehow I'm having a good day. Must be because last night I kinda put certain issues that have been bothering me for the better part of this year to rest...well kinda...I kinda had a bit of closure by sending an email with what I felt. Shed my last tear and I think I may be a bit better! So on to the topic of the day!!!.....My mode of transport...

See I don't own a car...why would I want one of those here? Just I watched this car get pulled over as I was waiting for the lights to go green at the road where I'm still trying to figure out why they pulled out the last traffic lights and replaced them with new ones, complete with new pedestrian "I need to cross the road" buttons as I call them. They were perfectly fine and working!! Mysteries of Finland! Anyway, as I was waiting, this car was pulled over by the cops in Finland just look MEAN! Not as nice and smiley as this picture!!!
they wear overalls and in my mind its so they can run faster while they chase you and beat you up nice and wild imagination actually paints this scene in my head! Poor head that back on track...this car was pulled over, I watched this poor man pull out every single bit of identification he had in his wallet....drivers license, i.d, library card, video library card...ok, not all those but dude he pulled out many things! And I bet he didnt do anything big...but he was still in trouble...hihi! And there I was on my good old bicycle...I roll a mountain bike yo!! I don't have fuel costs, insurance costs, oil, car wash and all those other costs! All I have to do is put some air in my tires like once a year, buy me some band aids for the occasions that I fall off the blasted thing, maybe and this is a big maybe get a puncture repair kit, but I still havn't had a puncture in over a year! So it's the greatest thing ever! Oh and it's great exercise!! So this is dedicated to my bicycle...without whom i would have a hard time getting round...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blonde moment here...Uhm, come a gazillion of my posts are coming up on the aggregator? is this like a new thing that I don't know about? Not that I'm complaining or anything, I was just like whoa!!! Is this Kipepeo day and I don't know bout it? hihi

Monday, October 23, 2006

random strangeness how me....kenyan, african, was asked to help raise money for poor children in Finland. First of all, I don't think poor children exist in Finland...well...their idea of "poor" is slightly warped!! I don't know but the whole thing is just really strange...african girl raising money for finnish poverty...huh??

Friday, October 20, 2006

random post ever!!!!

For reasons not known to me, my internet isn’t working!!! Totally sucks, so I shall post this when it decides to stop throwing tantrums and work again. Winter is looming and right now it’s started that below zero temperature nonsense!!!! Sniff sniff! All you people in Kenya cursing the heat and dust….please send some over? DHL, TNT, txt, whatever is faster!! I’ll even take the dust! Yes I am in dire need of some natural heat. In other news, insomnia has struck yet again! After agonising over sleep, it finally comes to me at….oh say 3a.m!! If only I could put in as much effort into my boring assignments as I do into wooing sleep. So I watch all the TV shop’s latest products, fridges, hair brushes, “the magic bullet”….get your minds out of that gutter…its some food processor…”chops onions in just seconds!!”…said in that sing song voice that seems to do all TV shop thingy bobs. But on the good side, in my attempt to fall asleep, after TV shop has bored me till I can’t blink anymore, I switch off everything and lie there in the dark and think. So I’ve had a lot to think about. For example, I don’t think I want to go to Ireland anymore, they changed their courses and the new ones are oh so boring!!! So I was thinking bout Sweden! Nomad that I am. Then I decided I’m really bad at keeping in touch and I shall put more effort into that. Like my mother says, “never burn bridges behind you”! I was contemplating cutting my hair….like cutting it really short. Then came to the realisation that I may not have the perfect head shape for that, so I think I shall keep my mop of hair with me for a while longer. And when I finally have children, they shall not be ignorant!!! Over my dead body! I don’t care how boring they think it is, but they shall be frog marched to museums, they shall be well read and they shall be able to contribute in conversations bout general worldly matters. Ahem…much like myself….nah just kidding…well, at least I can hold my own in a conversation. When you hear someone speak and just wonder “why?”! Those shall not be my children! Lol, look at me going on about “my children”!!! I need to sort my life out first. Random point here….last night after being harassed out of my nice warm bed to go to yet another student party, I got a lush hand massage. So there I was, amongst student chaos, loud music and people attempting to do the impossible - dance!!! There I was in my own bliss, getting a hand massage! Lush! Bless the soul who gave me that little piece of heaven.

On my music list for the week….
India.Arie (I remembered the dot between her names!!)….wings of forgiveness and heart of the matter off the last album she did….
Beyonce…irreplaceable…again off her last album B’day…”to the left to the left…”…my favourite bit
Jamelia’s version of numb…totally loving this version
Jojo…too little too late
And off course….losing my way off Justin’s future sex/love songs album

No prizes to guess what’s on my mind! All’s well that ends well and if its not well, ….well then its not the end….
-words from my super wise mother!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm back with the usual color...that blue really wasn't I changed hmmm....slight problemo that I don't remember happening the last time....all my links are a dissappeared!!!!! and I have no clue how to get them back!!! sniff sniff!!! help anyone?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Swahili Nation - Sorry

What happened to these guys...? I quite like this song.

On another note....just watched this and its hard to believe that it is the same country as this of dire contradictions!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Random how last night in a club in my little village in Finland, a random Finnish dude with no kenyan affiliations was wearing a kenyan t-shirt. I just had to stop him. He didn't really know much bout what he was wearing, he just liked it....How cool is that?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

There is a really thin line between black and white or people of color and white people joking about color issues and racist comments...I just had an encounter and as much as I know I should take it as a joke, it came a little too close to being racist and I'm not too sure how to deal with such situations, if the people then go on to "make me feel better" by saying that I am actually white, but I just put on make up on the morning to look brown...(brown because I'm mixed race!!!) Hmmm!!! Cue laughter from them and me looking at them with an expression of....uhm, how do you expect me to react to that? Too much drama bahama for my world!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It feels like I just write in my blog when things have gone slightly or drastically warped in my life. Today has been an interestingly bad day. I hate this country, its stupid weather and the fact that I'm a student and have to live with people who think things in strange ways. I just don't understand them and i don't want to understand them and it just irkes me!! So it's like me thinking what the hell are they on about as they continue to go off in what sounds like something between mars-ish and pluto-ish. Sometimes I'd rather be a rock and just be there with no apparent emotion...apparent coz who am I to conclude that rocks have no emotion. Maybe they do and they just sit there thinking people like me have a sorry, sad life! Running around getting stressed and they just sit there watching the world go by. What bliss!! But instead this is me. In all my simplicity and complexity....a simple kinda complex. A thousand and one things going on in my head, sitting in my yellow duvet, in my room with yellow curtains, bottles and potions staring at me, and me thinking I'm going to make a difference in this world if it kills me....well I think it will kill me at this pace. But hey...!!

I miss people that I wish were normal,
don't know if I miss others.
My heart's a jumble of emotions
and I just want to cry.
If only I knew what exactly the crying was for,
or for whom,
so I don't.
Instead I go around with this big bubbly smile
as if its all hunky dorry
well it's not
it's far from
I just want ....
I don't even know what I want
but I want it
maybe it'll make the empty flutters go away
maybe it'll make me feel whole
like there's nothing missing
just like I did when I was 9
when all that mattered was hopscotch
and getting my tongue red from red devils
maybe it'll bring back the innocence
but its not that easy is it

But this makes me feel a tad bit better