Saturday, August 26, 2006

of karma

One more week to go!!! mixed feelings....don't know if I want to go or I wish my summer was a bit longer...! Tough one. It's been a blast! Met some brilliant people and bonded with some even cooler ones that I've known. But back to business and school and drama and issues of that country with people I just don't understand what they want from me and wish they would just leave me alone, but they don't and keep coming back and I don't know how to just tell them to *$£* off and leave my emotions be because somehow I don't want them to *&%* off, I just want them to be the nice person they were before, but the world doesn't work like that does it, and nobody ever said life was going to be fair. And hey karma right? So if I'm a good person, then all those bad bad people out there will get theirs back to them right? So it's all taken care of by higher forces, coz I get worried when I start watching the song "smile" and I want to do what she does in the video i.e get someone beaten up, put laxatives in people's coffee....then I stop myself and think...kipi baby, "karma". It's a beautiful thing for all those toe thinking creatures.
This has been a rambling, winding post, but it makes perfect sense to me!! Have a lush weekend all!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I think....!?

I think I got thesis topic....!! Ready? brilliant idea that I am excited about right now is....sustainable tourism and its economic effects on kenya both positive and negative... Well obviously I havn't refined the wording yet, but I guess you get the general idea of things. I needed something that ties my first degree to what I want to master in, and this seems like its it. So now down to see my professors once I'm back in school and start my research and things. Wish me luck. I desperately need it. Other than that, my summer is drawing to an end....not really looking forward to going back to classes and all that, but hey, such is life I guess, so bring it on!! 2 and a half weeks left here and then I fly back to Finland where I'm supposed to be!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I've written countless blog entries, but somehow I just don't feel them when I get to what I think should be the end and end up deleting all of mojo is a-disappearing!!!