Monday, November 28, 2005

Why are human beings so so mean and vindictive??? Some months ago, I was smack bam in the middle of other people's drama....given, i was in a strange situation, i asked for someone's opinion and voila i was then put into the centre and labeled as the cause of certain issues....that had nothing to do with me or what i said, but hey. I hate drama and all that, so i just walked away from the whole issue. I could have chosen not to walk away and clear my name...but that would mean issues would have come up and people would be fighting coz there were many lies involved and lord knows what. So to stop the volcano errupting, i walked away. I really don't care what people think, they all know what they did and what lies they told to whom. Now what gets me is when those same lying vindictive people, knowing full well what went on and what happened, shed a bad light on me. Do I just shut up and let it blow over like i did the last time or this time, do I actually just spill it all, let blood flow if it has to.....I was quite upset last night, and i had a good mind to do exactly that, but i figure, whatever!!! let it be, it definately is not worth any of my time. But if i walk away from this one, i will do so completely and that means even from people that mean something to me....hmmm....
I know this post really makes no sense, but i just had to vent....

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.......
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And -- which is more -- you'll be a Man, my son!.....well in my case, a woman.

Friday, November 25, 2005

the chair...

ok, this post might get people cringing as they read, but i couldn't care less seeing that it happened to me, so im sharing!! force!!!!
So as a woman, young lady, whatever, as a female, you should go for an annual gynocological check up. I hadnt gone for one. It's just one of those things that totally freaks me out and I just couldn't imagine the act of sitting on some weird chair with my legs spread in the air.
....haha...well, I couldn't put it off any longer and I went!...And this is the story of that visit....

Kipepeo arrives at the doctors office for her 12:30 appointment. I give my name at the reception and told to wait..."the doctor shall be with you shortly". So I waited. I dint really think about what to expect...I didnt want was just too weird. So then a nurse comes into the waiting lobby and calls out my name. I pick up my back-pack and follow her in. She very kindly tells me to take off my clothes and put on one of the gowns that is hanging in the dressing area that I was in. So I did exactly that, all the time wondering to myself if its too late to cancel, but if i did, I would have to pay 27 euros for the I might as well just go through with bad can it be right?

So clothes off, wearing this strange looking poor excuse for a gown...the colors were horrid! Anyway, go into the doctors office and there it is.....THE CHAIR!!! That is when my heart did some flips...that thing is one mean looking piece of equipment!! So first I sit in a normal chair as the doctor...a nice looking lady (very weird haircut looked like it was cut with a panga)...anyway, i sit with her as she asks me just the normal, age, last period, etc etc. Then she goes..."ok, do you want to get up on the chair?"...Is she giving me a choice?

So feeling quite awkward and strange, i get up on the chair, put my legs up on the stirrups, close my eyes, hold my breath and wait....I can hear the clink of metal gadgets, so I open my eyes...dude I want to know what the **** she is doing to me. Maybe it would not be too bad if it was just her, but she has an assistant who is also looking up my legs. You can imagine you look down and there are two people carefully examining bits you dont look at too much yourself. I could feel her putting all sorts of things in me....and goodness, cant they find a way of like warming up those things...they are sooooo cold. Oh and when she said "this is going to be a bit uncomfortable", that translates to..."this is going to hurt"!!! Then she did an ultra if I was pregnant, but that thing they put in you is such an awful was electric blue!!! can't it be a nice au naturelle color...brown, beige, something along those lines!!! So she probed, pressed, swabbed & scraped for a pap smear sample, and all sorts of injustices that i should not feel "down there". Then it was done. I got off the chair feeling mutilated, said thank you as politely as i possibly could, went out, put on my clothes and now i wait for it to happen all over again in a years time!...sigh!

What it is to be a woman!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

the prodigal house mate

My weekend! It snowed. It was cold. So what else do I do other than stay in with my collection of vanilla tea, my tv which I proudly bought for ....yes ladies and gentlemen....5 euros!!!! hihi!! I bought it from a second hand shop. Yes it is in colour and it has a remote!!! I think 5 is my new lucky number!

Anyway, where was I? oh yeah, my weekend. So i stayed in, watched tv, basically just bumbed the whole weekend. Then on saturday night, I had the bright idea of having a bath. I live in the student apartments and we just have showers, dont know why they think students don't have time to take baths....who would put an idea like that into their heads? Anyway, my friend moved from finland and we were left his kids swimming pool that we use as a tub. Its a round thing, it doesnt need inflating, it keeps shape when its filled with water and it just fits in our bathroom snuggly! So I filled it up, got my candles burning, my music, my was a great hot soak!! Just lying there in the hot water, knowing its snowing and freezing cold outside and some poor soul is walking around out there!! Bliss!!!

....yeah right not for long!!! So now after all this bliss, i have to empty the tub dont i? There's no plug or anything, you just have to kinda spill out the water, yeah sounds easy doesnt it! Till you find out that you tipped it so the water runs out, but the blasted thing is covering the you know what happens, ...floods!! Yes, i flooded my house and spent the next half and hour mopping up everything. It was then that i realised there is indeed a space between the bathroom door and floor!! So after all the mopping and being hot and bothered, oh my, i had to have a shower again. Hm...i cursed the whole half hour by myself saying how i shall NEVER...EVER...have a bath again...its too much!

Apart from that, we have the case of the missing house mate. I live with two other girls. We get on really well, but the last few weeks, there has been some....uhm...tension if thats what it can be called. anyway, so one of them went off to oulu...another city and then it was just two of us. So saturday morning i get up to pee in the wee hours of the morning...(9a.m) and find my other house mate, lets call her B, coming out of the shower, so i go..."wow, you're up early"...and she goes, "yeah i couldnt sleep" I'm like, oh ok, so i peed and stumbled back into my nice warm bed to watch mtv while i dose! I then hear her leave..."oh" i think to myself, "she cant have gone to far, she didnt say anything"!....yeah right. The next time I saw the prodigal housemate named B was on sunday at 11pm!! And all she does is walk in, say hi as if she was just outside, and go into her room.

It's not like we are just housemates, we're friends. We share stuff....well at least i thought we did, we have fun together, these are people i consider to be like my sisters. Don't know if its just me, but its just common courtesy to tell the people you live with that you'll be away for the night, how am I to know you are ok and not in some morgue or something. Anyway, thats my rant for the weekend. It felt awful and really inconsiderate of her to pull something like that. But hey, whatever I guess. You live you learn

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The additional info that i got is...

Equity Bank,
Kenyatta Avenue
Acc number: 260 000 7422
Routing number:
In Euros 41 16 93 10 07
In Dollars 36 24 73 63

If you can help, know anyone who can help, any small amount will help.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I just realised that the appeal for richie doesnt have international bank codes. I will try find them out and post them.....

Monday, November 14, 2005

I went to school with richie....great rugby player. You may not know him, but if you can, please help. I'm putting this out on as many forums as i can!

Dear Ex-Saint Marys,

RE: Sincere appeal from Richie Jennings

Richie Jennings is an ex-saints student. He completed his Form 4 in 2002. During his 4years in Saint Marys he played rugby for the school as a member of the team. During his final year at Saint Marys Richie incurred a back injury while playing rugby. This problem was treated but managed to put an end to his rugby career to this day. Unfortunately, that was not all that Richie would suffer in the years to come. His back injury has worsened. He now suffers from 2 of what in lay man’s terms we call a “disk slip”. This injury without treatment via surgery is degenerative. He now has partial paralysis on his left leg and no feeling at all in his left big toe. Richie is on the road to full paralysis of both his legs. The surgery will be done in Nairobi hospital by Mr. David L. Olouch- Olunya (MB. Ch B. FRCSEd FRCS (SN) ) a Neurosurgeon. Find below the Doctor’s report. The entire surgery comes to Ksh 300,000 which Richie’s family cannot raise on their own. Richie needs our help. There will be a Harambee dinner on 26th November 2005 at the Nairobi Harlequins Grounds. A card costs Ksh 2000 only and the dinner begins at 7pm. Please be Richie’s spine and attend the dinner in large numbers. This is the true Saints Spirit. For those who can’t attend the dinner, as we fully understand that the Saints diaspora is far & wide, we appeal for your contribution of any amount.

These can be sent to:
Richie Jennings,
Kenyatta Avenue,
Account number: 260 000 7422
Your prayers, contributions and any other forms of support will be greatly appreciated. Moreover, the Good Lord will shower you with endless blessings.

Please forward this email to as many Ex- Saints and well wishers as you can.
For any enquires please contact:
Wambui J Waithaka ( Bobo ) Email –
Mobile - +254722614278

Richie’s Mum: Hellen Cardovillus
Email –
Mobile - +254722703141
Thank You and May God Bless you.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This is a totally random post about whatever comes to my head. I've been busy over the last few days...weeks even! I'm going home for christmas!! YAY!!! However, as yay as it is, i have to miss some school, meaning iv got to do lots so that im ok by the time i'm leaving. I'v got exams to reschedule, assignments to hand in early, etc, etc! So thats what i've been doing. I actually like being a student. I like the carefree, i dont have to worry bout anyone but me feeling. I go home when i want to, eat when i want to, sleep when i want to. I'm finally over that preliminary home-sickness that you get when you first leave home. See I have never been to bording school, never lived away from home for more than a month. So when I left home last year to go to uni, it was all a bit of a shock and i would cry almost every day for the first like two weeks. I don't do that anymore. I was talking to kanja and he was saying how I don't talk as much, but he knows its because I have become more independent. Its true. I've learnt to just get on. Things don't get to me as much. There are always hurdles to jump, these days I just jump them. Thats just what I have to do. Even if i complain or get upset about it, i still have to jump them...not to say that I don't complain...oh I do! I can throw a mean tantrum if I want to....what would life be without tantrums? I guess I'm growing up....funny, I just put "tantrum" and "growing up" together....a complex type of simplicity. Someone said something in passing the other day..."life is crap, but its just too short"...its so true. This thing called life just relentlessly throws things at you, but then its like its too short to do all the things you want to do. I want to travel, I want to do so many things, I want to experience as many new things as I can. I wonder if I will. I'll definately give it a shot, but I bet I won't do everything I dream about. But at least I have my dreams. They keep me going. People say I've changed. I don't feel like I have. I don't feel any different. But maybe I have. How can I not. I'm changing, I'm evolving, I'm finding myself, I'm growing into me. I've always had uniform to wear to school, parents telling me what time my curfew is, food that I just found at the table, everything was done. Now I do it all by myself. It's a great experience, I sometimes don't like some of the things about me, I never knew before that I could ever act a certain way, but i do and thats just how it is!

Monday, November 07, 2005

somebody sent me this as an email and i thought it would be cool to share...and tag people with hehee...

1. What is your name? kipepeo

2. What time is it? 0.957am

3. Any nickname? creees, nyas, noni kinyuma,miss chee, cheecho, chi...the list is endless

5 Number of candles on your last birthday cake? 21...dude im getting old!!!

6. Date that you regularly blow them out? 15th you have no excuses. u all know my birthday...dont want any...."but i didnt didnt tell me"!!!!

8. What is your favorite drink? martini and lemonade and this cool shot i got in helsinki, strawberry syrup, strawberry liquer topped with whipped cream on the top....lush like a nonsense!!!

9. Body piercing & tattoo's? just usual ear piercings...still gathering tattoo courage!

10. How much do you love your job-scale of 1 to 10: jobless!!!

11. Birthplace? nairobi hospital, kenya!!!!

12. Favorite vacation spot? MALINDI...great beaches, sun, food, italian ice cream...minus all the tourists!! magnificent!!!

13. Ever been to Africa? uhm....i was born in kenya, and grew up there...does that count?

14. Stolen any traffic signs? no! but i stole a tea bag from a bar was apple flavor!! so naughty!!

15. Ever been in a car accident? yeah, but not anything too serious!

16. Croutons or Bacon bits? bacon bits!! i love bacon!!! how can you even put croutons as the alternative option!??? who came up with this thing?

17. 2 Door or 4 Door cars? 4 door. i hate squeezing into the backseat of 2 doors!!

18. Salad Dressing? just like my daddy taught me...olive oil, vinegar, salt and black pepper

19. Favorite Pies? chicken pies for meals, blueberry pie with cream for dessert! yum!!!

20. Favorite Number? 7...dont know why...its just so random

21. Favorite Movie? at the moment crash!

22. Favorite Color? it depends really, but probably red or turqoise

23. Favorite Holiday? long as its a holiday....

24. Favorite Food? my daddy's chicken curry!!! yum yum yum

25. Favorite day of the week:friday, i can party and know tomorrow i can sleep in and party as well...and monday seems soooo far!!!

26. Favorite brand of body soap? body shop anything...and my baby shower gel that has a 1/3 baby lotion in it...smooth like a baby's bum!!!

27. Favorite TV show: sex and the city, desperate housewives, that new apprentice like show with tommy hilfiger, e.r, strong medicine...dont remember the others right now.

28. Toothpaste? colgate

29. Favorite book? the red tent, and some red book that i still dont remember the name of, but was amazing!!!

31. Favorite Smell? rain in kenya, cool waters, my boyfriends cologne!

32. What do you do to relax? watch tv, read a good mag, paint my nails, drink fanta with cool people

33. Favorite Fast Food? right now i miss kenchic, but i love a good real italian pizza,none of that american pizza stuff

34. When was your last hospital visit? last week

36. How do you see yourself in 10 years? hmmm...good question. making a difference somewhere, happy, with the love of my life!

37. What do you do when you are bored? bug people!!

38. What presents do you enjoy receiving? anything that comes as a good surprise and is well thought out.

42. What time is it now? 10.13am....had many distractions!!!

I know tag the following..